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A Standard Sunday - Keeper of the Cages
A Standard Sunday
If this looks/reads weirder than normal it's because LJ's silly cut thingy made all my text into the cute and when came back to edit it had eaten some of the words duplicated the ones that remained. Hope it behaves this time!

That is to say I did nada except read some, watched Quincy, Cold Case, CSI: New York, played a bit of Spider Solitair and finally came Hawaii Five-O, which I am rather annoyed at because I assume that was the end of the series as there is no series link on my sky reminder and it left us hanging so high in mid-air I'm scared to look down! But as usual it was great, apart from the hanging!

Tomorrow is of course Monday, which means shopping at Tescos or Morrisons before work. Actually even though Tescos milk seems to go off quicker than anyone elses it's just easier to buy from them as Morrisons tills are really stupid and annoying! Bah I'll see which way my car turns in the morning!

Kathryn's off to a job interview Tomorrow in Oxford so I'm sending her very happy, good, calm thoughts. It'll be an excuse to actually go down to Oxford if she gets it. But I will be jealous and want to move!

I've been looking at plans for Washington DC next year. Well I've been making plans in my head and hoping that I can pursuade Michelle to go do it all with me! Everytime I go to Washington I spend a whole week going to the museums and I really want to go and see other places around Washington. I suppose it would have to be a sort of 2 week holiday to get everything done. I mean to hire a car and visit Shanendoah National Park and Rock Creek and all sorts of places in Virginia and Maryland. Hmmmm if I was brave enough to hire a car by myself I'd go do it But I think I would too scared! Yes I know I travelled alone, but for some odd reason hiring a car and just doing daytrip-y overnight things seems to scare me see

Not much to say as I spent the day in a lazy non-movement sort of way!</a>

Hope all is well and work/school isn't causing too much hassle!

Love S xxx

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