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Monday Monday... - Keeper of the Cages
Monday Monday...
Really why is Monday morning so hard to deal with? It's not that different to the rest of the week, but the actual ability to move out of bed and wake up just FAIL! I guess if I was in a room by myself on a Monday I'd manage it better as I'd be all "Headphones In, Volume Up, Huge Cup of Tea, Head Down, Work". I couldn't work from home really on a serious basis as I'd be all "I'll get up in like 10..." 2 hours later "yeah that's probably a good idea to move now!"

I'm loving the NCIS Soundtrack (Volume 2) It's got Michael Weatherly singing his own song "Bitter and Blue" Mmmmmmmm! He definitely should do some singing on the show because well it would be great. Actually someone wrote a fic where Tony sang in a random bar which I really liked, but as usual didn't bookmark. You'd think after oh 10 years I'd remember to book or at least note down. Actually that's what I started to do yesterday by starting a notepad file copying links from my History. I'm sure there must be a better way of doing it, but I don't know it so I'll just continue the slow way.

But back to songs... Volume 1 has Abbey & Ziva singing so I'm hoping to listen to them tomorrow. Car volume nice and high ;) Could be interesting as the second cd to Volume 1 is "Abbey's Lab" Heee arriving at the same time as my boss should be a good laugh, though he's off tomorrow "YES!".

It's National Archaeology Week next week and there are two lectures in Middlewich next Friday so I've decided that I'm taking the day to go listen to people talking about Romans. I did explain to Dan what Archaeology was by say "It's being in a field digging up dead people" His reply was "I know what it is" Mhmmm yes well I was clarifying for your uneducated brain ;)

Golf tomorrow. Keep missing every other lesson. I like going, but I just can't be bothered and when I get back home I'm all awake again. Pah. I should just go out and play an actual round. When I find time, well yes I know that's what I could do on the weekend, but when I get to the weekend the plans get hidden behind me being sleepy.</a>

Off to sleep now I think. I'll be awake and bouncy tigger like tomorrow yes I will...Ok well half awake maybe ;)

Night night
Love S xxx

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