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A Week! - Keeper of the Cages
A Week!
Well it's Wednesday again so I've been 29 for a whole week and I can safely say that I don't feel any older, I don't feel more responsible and I'm definitely not grownup dispite what the grey & white hairs that keep appearing might suggest!

Today Marie got in a strop with me and I quite politely but forcefully said "Well No I'm not standing for this treatment". Well the actual thing went something like this... I'd posted some invoices on sage that I need to complete the accounts for the year end. I'd ticked everything with a red pen as I always do. I didn't touch the bank statements etc etc. When I'd done the accounts I posted all the closing/opening balance adjustments etc etc so everything was perfect for this year. Now Marie decided to give Lynne the bookkeeping to do, so she gave her the 3 months worth of invoices and bank statments. I think they must have been looking at the sage to see what was what and found the stuff I'd done and Linda told Marie that I'd finished the accounts. Marie got all uppity, as she does, and apparantly shouted "SARA GERRIN' HERE NOW" (well I live in the next room and I may be deaf a bit, but I can hear if someone wants me and Clair usually tells me anyways) I was upstairs with Brain chatting about stuff so didn't know about this until I walked down the stairs and passed their door to go to my room. When she proceeded to shout again, at this point I'm no more that 4 steps away from her so shouting is a bit over enthusiastic really. Of course I went to see what the shouting was for when she started say "why have you been playing with this? I'm giving a job to Lynne and there's no job to do." My reply to this was "I've only posted those invoices with the red ticks and I did it so I could do the accounts" Marie goes "They aren't within the year end they didn't need posting" to which I pointed out that there were 6 invoices dated in the last year which meant they were indeed significant to the account. She got all pouty and I finally said "I only posted those invoices, nothing more, nothing less so I could do the accounts. I've done the closing/opening journals and it's all sorted for the new year." Then I walked away to my room. Clair laughed and said "Well slap your wrist and that told you" and I just went "yeah well I don't care and if I hadn't done it I wouldn't have been able to do their accounts." I'm just wondering if she'll try it again on anything I've done. Not that it bothers me because I just don't listen - rather like I don't listen to Dan! Though I think I should probably say something to him if we ever have reviews... yeah like they will ever happen!

Phoned the Opticians this afternoon to see if I could make an appointment due to the lack of focus on general things over specific things, and as yesterday I was watching the golf balls fly and I could see two of them. The woman who answered was a bit daft and I ended up with 30th July which is a bit far off, but what can one do? I asked if she could tell me when I last went and she said June 2010 and then said "you're on a two year call back so you don't have to come in if you don't want to, though if you're having problems you can" I was like errrrr I wouldn't be phoning for an appointment if I didn't think I needed my eyes testing. Bah some people can be daft!

In other news watched Castle and it was great as usual! You know Castle and Beckett are just waiting to get together. Stupid Beckett!boyfriend getting in the way - I mean they were soooo close to getting together and then he just pops up interrupting. Maybe soon.

Tomorrow is HP day! Can't wait, but I'm quite philosophical about it all. It'll be brilliant and sad, but there are other new films to look forward to in the future (or at least I hope there is) The thing is there hasn't been a series like the Harry Potter Series and so there is nothing to take it's place at the moment. The Hobbit when it's out will be epic because you just know anything by Peter Jackson just is and can you imagine how much better all the effects will be compaired to when he did Lord of the Rings and they were the finest!

Well I've shared this weeks rant and now I'm off to sleep or I shall not be very functionable tomorrow night.

Nighty night

Love S xxx

P.S. No lyrics tonight maybe tomorrow!

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