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A little Harry Potter - Keeper of the Cages
A little Harry Potter

I don't think this is spoilery, but well you never know so cut cut cutty cut cut! (I think everyone has read the books by now and really I don't describe owt really just my usual rambles!

Well last night was brilliant and so worth the 6 hours and a numb bum and sleepy afterwards! The first film was just as good as it was last time I saw it. Still made me cry and laugh. The thing was they got the wrong film first of all. They started showing the Subtitled version which meant that they had to stop it, after about 15 minutes and then they restarted with the un-subtitled version.

The second movie, well it was really brilliant with lots of action and dueling and yes people dying which made me cry lots, but it was great. 19 years later was brilliant, but where the heck was Teddy? I know they couldn't put everything in to the movie that was in the book but some bits seemed to be rushed. I know I'll always love the books the best, but I'd give the movies their dues. Hmm Draco looking older ;) that was so funny and Lucius, Narcissa and Draco running away. Oh and Older Harry, Hermione, Ron & Ginny just great! Snape just tortured and so sad, but you can see how much of a puppet master Dumbledore was. I think he did care, but he kept looking at the big picture at the expense of those around him. It wasn't too bad in 3D for which I am greatful as the other 3D movies I have seen have been hard to watch really. I am going to watch it in 2D though so I can see bits I might have missed etc. Also it's awfully hard to sort out the tears when you're wearing glasses with glasses over the top of them! Definitely a good ending to 13 odd years of Harry Potter.

Got home at 3am, woke at 6.35am and was like "oh not too bad feel fine I think I'll try for a bit more sleep", woke at 7.15am and was like "oh so bad awfull I think I had half an hour too much sleep I'll try a bit longer" finally 9.20am and it was "oh good again I'll sort of get up and relax". Spent the day surfing the net, watched some tv and trying not to take a nap. Failed miserably on the nap thing as by 5.30pm I fell asleep, so now I'm hoping I can sleep properly and be good to go in the morning.

Not sure what I'm upto this weekend. I guess I should do something like maybe going to the museum or something equally interesting, we shall see.

Hope you all have a good evening and if you're seeing Harry Potter you need to take tissues!

Night night

Love S xxx

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