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Saturday... - Keeper of the Cages
A day of tv, amazon shopping & reading.

Bought myself several new travel guides to Washington DC which should make planning a trip for next year a lot easier, thought I do have a list longer than my arm ready to go without them!

Been watching Cold Case and CSI: New York again. Oh and finally found where and when they repeat sky1's Thursday night programs - 10pm on a Saturday night so from now on I shall have to bookmark them.

Actually Mum & Dad came home with a new sky box today and I think they are going to put that in the lounge and Dad said I could have the old one upstairs as it actually records which would be brilliant, but I actually don't mind my skybox and I know it works. The one downstairs is a bit slow and doesn't like being turned off - quite noisy too...I shall have to think on it and see if I can get a new Plus boxs for me.

No nothing else to say. I'm sleepy and I guess tomorrow will be just as boring!

Night S xxx

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