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And so it starts (or atleast tomorrow it does!) - Keeper of the Cages
And so it starts (or atleast tomorrow it does!)
Was in the office today which was good, but this leads to the whole 3 days following stuck with just Dan and Justin out at clients looking at their boring records. I'm seriously going to be bashing my head against the nearest brickwall by the end of Thursday! It's just mean the Clair wont be coming as she's off to Florida, Orlando to be precise, on Friday and therefore is not allowed out play so she can finish everything in the office. I'm just jealous that she's off to Orlando and will be able to go to Harry Potter World and all those lovely exciting places :(

Why is it that when there is a little bit of rain, well little compared to Sunday which was more like a monsoon as it didn't really stop all day, that people seem to remove their brains and find it completely impossible to drive. It's the same road that they've been driving for however many years or days, but for some reason they suddenly can't remember how to drive. This removal of brain usually means that I'm late for work which doesn't actually bother me apart from the stupid that they present! Hopefully tomorrow morning they will have found their brains and can sort of remember what driving means!

Did I mention that I might have ordered myself 3 new travel books on Saturday? Well I did and they arrived today and I'm all "oooh plan plan plan!" Two specific Washington DC book and one Trips around Washington, New York and the North East. So I'm thinking I'm going to have to actually plan a road trip for next year and do it! Actually I've got a road trip book for New England too which I want to make use of, but haven't had the chance. Hmm I need to win the lottery or something so I have the time to do all this travelling. I've never driven on the other side of the road - it could be quite an adventure!

I suppose this is the point at which I should actually go to sleep as to get to the client's tomorrow I have to leave early. Especially as it's the first day and I can't roll in 5 minutes late, nor do I know which Shirt and Trousers I shall wear oh the choices.

So night night and a good sleep to you!


S xxx

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