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A flying visit... - Keeper of the Cages
A flying visit...
Oh my I'm completely wiped and I know I should have posted round about 8pm because then I could have rambled endlessly at several tangents and not been all "Brain switching off now, eyelids drooping, HUGE yawn, snore" which is what I am now. I keep blinking to stay awake a wee bit longer!

Well day one of audit done and all I can say is I'd rather I could put headphones on. Such a boring day, but I have managed to gain myself 1hour 45minutes overtime plus mileage and a whopping £2.50 for lunch! I know that £2.50 doesn't exactly buy much I think possibly a 99p burger from McDonalds and maybe a drink, though I have no idea how much the drinks cost and I haven't been in a McDonalds since possibly Uni so that would be about 8 or 9 years ago. But any little help towards the "Sara Birthday Holiday Fund" is greatly appreciated!

Tomorrow it's just me & Dan going to a different clients for half a day and then back to today's client to hopefully finish everything, but I doubt that will happen so we will back out again on Thursday.

Missed golf today which I'm not too sad about. I'd probably fall asleep trying to hit the ball!

Also lost the back off my top stud and I have no idea where it could be - I checked the floor all over the house and in my bed etc etc, but have no clue as to it's whereabouts. Had to find a replacement back for the moment. It's probably lost forever though *sigh*.

Right sleep now that I've tangented for the evening!

See you tomorrow!

Love S xxx

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