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A second day of audit... - Keeper of the Cages
A second day of audit...
Today wasn't as bad as I had forecast, but still wasn't the best to be sitting in an office with my boss. The new audit place was really nice and rather easy to do. The problem came with my getting lost finding the place then almost getting squished by a lorry that didn't even pause before entering a small roundabout which I was going all the way round so I could correct where I'd gotten lost. Found the clients, but Dan was late and I wasn't sure I had the right place and I didn't have anything I could do until Dan arrived so no hope really. Spent most of the day there and then headed to the other place for the last 2 hours of the day. All in all a better than normal day of audit, but still a day of audit.

I can't believe that Justin said he's never done audit before. I mean he's qualified which means you have to have a certain number of hours of audit and you need to sit an exam in audit, which admittadly really isn't relevant to audit, but still doing audit does help with understanding the exam. I said he needed to check purchase invoices and sales invoices through the system and link one to the other and he just looked at me as if I was talking some completely weird language. The I explained what to do in transaction analysis because it has to be done and Yvonne always always asks for it for the tax. I mean he's supposed to do this sort of stuff in normal accounting. I know it's not strictly the same, but I always try to check invoices especially if they are in a category that will be asked about or they are of a large-ish figure. I worry about his work, actually I know to worry about his work because I've followed up the year after he's done something and just gone "right ignore that lets got to an even earlier year to check some stuff" 'cos it's just awful and He'd not even updated the system on loads of clients for the new regulations that came out in April. We are in July and if he didn't know how to do it he could have just come and asked me. I dispair!

Watched "body of proof" and "castle" tonight. I can tell body of proof is going to become my new Tuesday obsession and I love castle - tonight Loker (for Lie to Me) was in it as new writer and Castle was all jealous of the time he was spending with Beckett. It was so sweet and Awwww! They so totally need to get together though!

So that's about it for now tomorrow I should have finished with audit for a month and then friday is Roman lecture day!

Night night

Love S xxxx

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