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Thursday such a tiring day - Keeper of the Cages
Thursday such a tiring day
Not that I've really done much today except auditing, but it's always such a long day. No breaks just work work work from 9am to 5.30pm and then a lovely 45minute drive either side. No wonder the last two days I haven't awoken before my alarm, but when it rings.

Dan is the least subtle person when asking for tea and it's not as if he can't do it you know?! It's just so annoying to spend 3 days with him. It doesn't seem so bad when Clair's there but maybe it's cos she's a girl and Justin was there this time and he's a boy and him and Dan spent the time burbling Cricket etc. Not that I don't mind them burbling Cricket and I tend to burble my rubbish no matter what, but still frustration. Or maybe just me being a grump!

They just said that it was the end of "Lie To Me" as in THE END. That's rather said if that's the truth 'cos I rather love it. I think DVD buying is in my future.

So tomorrow is lectures on Romans. I want to go, but then again I don't know if I do. We'll see. I know if I go it will be interesting, but bah I'm being lame. I think it's the "I'm tired and not being social and happy" talking at the moment.

Right I'm tangenting and sleep typing so I'm actually going to do the sleeping and hopefully be all awake tomorrow!

Night night

Love S xxx

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