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Sunday the day of rest - Keeper of the Cages
Sunday the day of rest
Well today was quite a nice day actually there was some sun, though a cool breeze which is good, but still cool breeze.

Someone nearby our house must have gone out for the day setting the house alarm and leaving a window open, which meant with the breeze the alarm kept going off this morning. I think one of their neighbours finally realised what was going on around lunch time as it didn't happen again after that.

Caught up on Cold Case, CSI:NY, Human Target and finally SkyOne decided to play random episodes of Hawaii Five-O. So glad they did because I missed the very beginning of the pilot when it first showed. Meant I now get everything better!

I was searching out info about Lie To Me and found out the Fox in America have cancelled not only it, but Human Target and The Chicago Code which I really like :( It's like Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls all over again. Justin and I were talking about it the other day and saying that they should do a one-off you know round off episode to finish each program they cancel so that viewers don't get left hanging in midair thinking oh it'll all be sorted in the next series. Hmm maybe I should send a suggestions e-mail to all the tv networks?! Not that they are likely to you know listen to little Old me!

Tomorrow hopefully will be a quiet day as I'm back in the office, but Lindsay is back from his 2 weeks in Florida and I'm the only one in my room so he's likely to come and bug me. Possible escape plan is that I know my desk will be full of work that needs doing before the end of the month so I can shoo him away with that. I have managed to put more music on my Zen so all the more exciting things to listen to in my room tomorrow!

Right well I'd best get to sleep as I need to be up early due to the silly council closing the major roads out of the villages to the motorways tomorrow. It shall be a fun fun trip tomorrow I can tell!

Nighty night

Love S xxx

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