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I fail! - Keeper of the Cages
I fail!
Well it wasn't really that I failed it was more my laptop and the external harddrive decided to fight whilst backing up last night so I could free some space and instead of fixing itself the laptop froze out. I restarted it and got everything running again, but failed to realise that it was a bad idea to retry backing up which lead to another restart which I actually fell asleep doing so when I awoke this morning the laptop lid was up and when I pressed the power button it was back to the regular screen with no windows open.

So yes I planned on posting yesterday but the restarts all happened between like 11 and 12 pm and I well fell asleep!

Right so that makes this Monday's post...

Monday I had the room to myself meaning I plugged my headphones in and listened to lots of music, well when people weren't interrupting me with requests to "just do this for me would you please?" etc etc. So that all ruined my nice plans of a day of VAT and bookkeeping.

Yvonne came to my desk at like 9.05am at which time my computer was just starting to waken. I told her I'd do what she wanted when my computer had started talking to itself and the rest of the world. To this she asked what was up with it and I said it just sulked everytime you turned it on. Her response was "have you told anyone?" Well DUH! Of course I have but in our place they don't listen to anything you have to say until things go beyond repair. She asked how long it took to work and how old the machine was, my reply being that it took between 15 minutes to half an hour and that it was the girl before me's computer and I've been there nearly 5 years now so I'd say it's about 7 years old. Actually I should probably work out how old it is and then put my case forward, I mean if I don't manage to get a new laptop I might manage a new desktop!

They closed most of the major roads leading out of Frodsham and Helsby for "resurfacing" well if you ask me wheather chucking a whole load of stones on a 60 mph road and not putting the road lines back is safe I'd have to go with "OH HECK NO!" Went to work via the Frodsham motorway junction as the Helsby one was closed so missed it all then, but coming back I thought I'd chance it. Driving at 20 mph on a 60 road is no fun and also as there are no lines the people (and this means almost everyone) who normally follow the white line in the middle of the road had no idea where they are supposed to go and sort of drift between the pavement and alarmingly over what would be the middle line. Well I think Cheshire County Council Road Division have lost their collective minds! Shall be fun for the next week or so until they decide it needs fixing.

Erm what else happened on Monday?! Nothing that I can think of now. So I shall sign off here so I can do a Tuesday post.


S xxx

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