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Tuesday for real! - Keeper of the Cages
Tuesday for real!
Not a lot happened today. Ben was in for the day, but he's off to Wrexham tomorrow which means I'm all alone again *sob!* Didn't manage to get the things that I wanted to do done because Lindsay continued to annoy me today meaning my timesheet is a mass of little bits instead of a sold block of one thing. Oh well tomorrow I shall be doing a block becuase I can get him to go away by telling him he can finish a clients accounts if he leaves me be for the morning at least!

Went to golf tonight and it was alright. Robin said I've got a perfect swing, but it just goes a bit hey-wire when I start to bring it down or my left heel decides to lift or I do my patented turned out feet ending! I can't help all these things as they seem natural to me and half the time it's all about maintaining my balance because I'd totally fall over if I didn't do it. I know it's not the proper way to play golf, but it's the way I play it! Anyway he'd get awfully bored if there wasn't something to moan about!

Watched body of proof when I got home from golf and it as good. I hope this series doesn't get cancelled after a few episodes or I'll be upset.

Well I'm getting awfully sleepy and tomorrow I've only myself to keep me awake. I did spend most of the day burbling at Ben and the poor lad had to listen!

Well night night before I fall asleep like last night halfway through doing a job!

Love S xxxx

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