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Wednesday : 'Plans...PAH you don't plan girl!' - Keeper of the Cages
Wednesday : 'Plans...PAH you don't plan girl!'
Exactly the point of today. What did I say about headphones in and get everything done?! Well Pat was in today which meant that he was in my room and I consider it to be awfully rude to have headphones in if someone else is in the room even if they aren't talking to you and you'd only have one ear in. So I spent the day with Pat. Excel threw a hissy-fit this afternoon meaning that all the stuff I'd done all day had to be copied and pasted into another spreadsheet because somehow there was a circular reference that excel couldn't point out to me and needed undoing or you know retyping. Problem being that there was nothing that I'd done to make a circular reference and even copy/paste values didn't fix the stupid thing. My work today proved that Justin doesn't bother to look at things I mean most normal people would go "oh there are several receipts that don't have an invoice reference I should check them against the debtors to see if I can reduce the debtors figure by matching them up." But no that is what any sane person would do, not Justin. I've managed to knock over £10,000 off the figure just by taking a quick look. How hard can that be? This is why I HATE following his jobs or having him involved with my bookkeeping jobs.

Watched Castle which was brilliant as usual. Sooooo close and yet no kissing of the Castle/Beckett variety. When will they both cave in?! Hope it's soon, though it took Booth/Bones 6 series to get to the whole not together/together thing but you know or at least hope to goodness that next season they are going to be an item or atleast building towards it as they've both admitted they like each other, well at different times and either side of the awful Hannah mess. Blah writers do this to distress me I know!

Tomorrow I think shall be a day of solitude and headphones I hope. I can get things done and out of the way in that case.

Oh and to prove that my collegues are completely stupid - when you take the last toilet roll out of the bag wouldn't you put the packet in the bin and notify reception at the very least that there is no more left? No of course you don't and then when someone else finds there really isn't any more toilet roll you can guess who will be blamed - me because I tend to do the shopping, but how can I know if people don't pass on information? Tried stealing some toilet roll from the boys and found that they don't have any either. They are all over the age of 40, well except Dan, Justin, Ben and Me. The only one younger than me is Ben so people should know how to sort themselves out. It makes me hopping mad because someone could have e-mailed or text me last week and said "Hey we're running low can you go to the shops at the weekend?" It's not as if I have to buy shopping for my house so I go specifically on a weekend to office shop. Really I should just give up the responsibility to someone else. Give it to Dan seeing as he's taken over most of Brian's roles at our place.

Well completely tired and my eyes are drooping as I type. So I will bid you a sweet dreams and see you tomorrow!

Love S xxx

P.S. I've been trying to post this for the last 10 minutes and all I get is the windows error message, so I've moved from IE to Firefox and I hope it works this time!

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