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Thursday: Still not working

Well I tried posting yesterday and the silly thing just wasn't having any of it so I shall endevour to try today.

Not a lot happened today just a lot of work work work and ignoring everyone by using my headphones! At least I had the room to myself all day so no one interupted me. The only downside is that the cleaner seems to be completely stupid and used the same cloth she uses to clean the bathroom (yes and I do mean the toilet too *shudders*) to clean the desks in our room with. Now you may ask how I know this...well they have cheap-o tesco value toilet cleaner which is supposed to be pinefresh, but is all chemical and icky, fine enough in a bathroom you visit only a few times a day and cannot lead to awful headaches and sick feeling in that short amount of time. Anyway the desks in my room smelt of this pine cleaner and damp cloth so there's the proof. I had to clean my desk with the baby wipes I have in my draw, which I use to clean my desk after I've done farm accounts - you don't question the stains on the papers they bring in ;)! The thing is I was in there all day and you know how chemicals can get stuck in the back of your throat and make you just feel icky that's what happened as I didn't have time to clean all the other desks. Having the window at the end of the room open helped a bit, but not by much really.

Not a lot else happened today really, flicked the tv a bit and now I shall fall asleep after this hopefully posts...I'm not holding my breath though!

Night night all!

Love S xxx
Tags: ramblings, rant, work
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