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Friday: Ok so maybe it'll work now?

Hey! So yeah was still not happening with the posting, hope LJ gets sorted soon 'cos it looks like I'm not bothering when I really am and I intend to keep my challenge, though when I'm away it might be a little difficult seeing as the LJ lite thing just really doesn't work. I'll see if my e-mail still posts to here and if all else fails I can try logging direct through my phone, but that will more than likely be a very slow process!

Friday has been a very very quiet day. There were only 5 of us in today, well we started with 7, but two of them weren't really in and then Dan left early in the afternoon 'cos he said he wasn't feeling tip-top. Meant that we downstairs boosted at 10 past 5 instead of quarter past, but that is neither here nor there really! Spoke to Ben a couple of times and it seems that he might be regularly bobbing to Wrexham to do work for them, which is a bit interesting. Maybe they are going to move him there or something. I don't really know. Hope he doesn't 'cos that would make me the baby again and being the baby at 29 is a bit annoying!

Well the job that Justin did I have completely taken over even though I'm not supposed to touch it due to my doing the bookkeeping on it. I've done all the changes on it and almost finished it off so on Monday all Lindsay has to do is a final review and then send it out. I really don't get how he's qualified. Am I just being awfully picky and should I give up what I was taught in the beginning about making sure everything is right and check, check, check that things make sense? I mean it works for Dan and Justin and Lindsay, but as I've said a million times before 'If you're male in our office you get away with anything and everything' and it's true. I just have to grin and bare it and cry when I see the results.

My day was made happy by listening to ldyghst_music's fan mixes, especially The Life of The Party mix which has all sorts of 50s + classics like 'Twist & Shout' and 'Wipe Out', 'Rock around the Clock' etc etc! It makes me dance in my chair! I must have looked odd to the people passing my window!

No exciting happenings really, but tomorrow I have to get up early for the opticians etc etc so you know getting to sleep late is a must in my mixed up head!

Nighty night night

Love S xxx
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