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Oooh it's working today so....

Yes that means Saturday's post is actually on SATURDAY! Whoooohooooo! *party!*

*cought* Back to sanity now I think! Well the opticians was fine. Rushed out of the house, with still damp hair, to find that over the road neighbour's 'friend' (he's too old to call boyfriend it just seems weird!) had parked the caravan and his hulking landrover across the bottom of our drive way making it interesting for me to get off the drive. I had to drive over the grass and the pavement to get out. It's not as if he couldn't have parked at the end of her drive and infront of her nextdoor neighbours front garden because then he'd have not blocked anyone, but no our driveway was the perfect place - NOT!

The optician said my eyes were fine, still the same prescription blah blah blah only thing he could suggest was more breaks from the pooter at work and to use eyedrops or spray to make them all teary and if that doesn't work to go see the doctor 'cos it could be something else. He's a really nice chap and I like chatting with him. So I said to him 'I'll just have to tell my boss that I work too hard and need to work less' He said yes, but he'd deny ever saying it if/when my boss phoned up for confirmation!

Came home and chilled for the afternoon. Had planned on going straight to Asda for office shopping after the opticians, but my hair was a mess and I thought shopping at that time of the morning would be a huge mistake as the shop would be packed.

Finally went to Asda at 6.30pm because Mum and Dad have gone to my 3rd cousin's wife's charity night thing down the road so I though if I go to Asda tonight I don't have to bother tomorrow. Also tomorrow I think that me and Mummy and Daddy might be going to the 'Secret Bunker at Hack Green' to be all educated and spooked. I'm thinking it might be like the one I went to in Scotland several years ago and I totally spooked myself as I had gone on my own and well such places are spooky! It's like the Cabinet War Rooms in London when you find there is noone else in the stretch of the tunnels you're in!

So if we go that will brilliant!

I'm going to try to sleep now so I can wake up early and be all energetic!

Night night and I hope you had a good Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday!

Love S xxx
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