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Sunday : Secret Bunkers and all sorts!

So I know I didn't post this on Sunday, but I'm dating it Sunday because that will make me happier and I can pretend I totally did post on Sunday!

Well me and Mummy and Daddy totally went to Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker which is in Cheshire. Totally in the middle of country lanes, but a lot easier to find than the one I visited in Scotland in Fife near St Andrews. Anyway we got there just about 12pm and spent must have been about 4 hours in the bunker itself. It's huge, but there's not too much information to read which is good as I tend to read everything and take forever! Was rather interested with the Royal Observer Corps which sadly nolonger exists. Am still amused by the "What to do in the event of a nuclear strick" public announcement films and leaflets. I mean there is nothing you can do in the case of nuclear strike and you would only get say 4 minutes warning so you can't build a shelter and store food/water and block your windows in white paint all in 4 minutes and if you're anywhere within the blast/aftershock radius well you're snookered almost straight away. Saw this film for the first time when I was in the London Imperial War Museum and it made me laugh then, but I suppose the government had to produce something to encourage people and it was like the Air-raid precautions that people had been told about in WWII. I totally forgot that Most Haunted had gone to Hack Green and I remembered when I got to a certain part and I though I've seen this bit before - yes I saw that bit on Most Haunted! I need to not watch that because inveriably I go to the places they've been and I spook myself! Like The Real Mary Kings Close which I saw on there and then went with Lisa - not a good idea 'cos it's Dark there and you see all sorts of things in your head! Anyway to get back on point Hack Green is definately worth a visit and if you ever get the chance you should go.

After that we were trying to decided what to do for dinner and we thought we'd have an early tea and then if we were hungry later we could grab a sandwich or something. We drove to The Cock O Barton which all sorts of people rave about and the reviews on the net/local food guides say brilliant. Anyway when we got there they had a wedding party, but they didn't inform the people who were coming in for dinner that there was possiblity of a delay. The staff were rather slow and just didn't seem to know what they were doing. I asked to try the only guest beer they had and it was off when I tried it. The food admitedly was good when we got it, I had a Greek Salad which was huge and then Fish and Chips, Mummy had Pea and Ham Soup and Fish and Chips and Daddy had Ham Hock and Pork with all the trimmings. Everything was really nice, but as I said the staff - rubbish. They'd put something on the bill that even the barman couldn't work out what it was. There was an old couple that came in after us and they ordered their food and waited and waited and waited and when they asked the girl went "Oh well we've got a wedding party in and the kitchen are just doing their food and your food will be sorted as soon as they've got that out" Yes but as they hadn't told the people that there would be a wait that was a bit naughty. Then their starters didn't arrive until after our mains had arrived, and they'd both ordered the soup - how hard is it for someone to heat up the pan that has the soup in it and just laddel out two bowls of soup? The server could have done that and they would have started their dinner a lot sooner. Anyways I'm thinking we're not going there again even if we did like the food. I mean it doesn't matter how good the food is if the front of house staff and useless as they are the ones you tend to base your judgement on.

So we finally left at 7.30pm - 2.5 hours for a pub dinner for just 3 people is a bit excessive.

Came home and crashed out!

So that was my fun day the wilds of Cheshire being educated!

Hope you had a good weekend

Love S xxx
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