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Monday's just get a bit of a bad rep as it's the first day back at work after the weekend, but the same thing would happen if it was a Tuesday or you know any other day!

Ben was in today as he had payrolls to sort out. The first thing he said to me was "Ah I was looking for cleaning things this morning" Well he knows he can go in my desk draw and get the baby wipes to use to clean his desk, but being a boy and silly by definition he didn't and had cleaned his desk using the fairy liquid! I promptly told him that there was a bottle of Mr Muscle in my cupboard and he could have used the baby wipes. The cleaner had once again cleaned the desk with the dirty cloth so I did my desk and the one in front of it. I'm going to have to do Clair's desk before she comes back next week. Spent the day burbling rubbish at Ben and being interrupted from what I was doing by Lindsay or Dan.

Yvonne asked me to get some information from a Client and the thing is I don't see why she couldn't do it seeing as I've done all my bits for it and she knows exactly what she wants. Phoned them and asked for what I think she wanted so they should be bring it in tomorrow - it'll probably be completely wrong if you ask me.

Oh and Ben got himself a Blackberry Curve today! Well it's been delivered to his house so he was all excited about it - geek!

Nothing else happened really as I did go to sleep rather early after dinner.

A very short tale of Monday, but those days usually are quiet

Night Night

Love S xxx
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