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Silence - well I wish it was!

Why is it when there's noone in that Lindsay decides that it's a good idea to bug me?! I mean a million and one things Must be done there and then! Silly man! At least it kept me entertained all day.

On my own again but with my headphones in when there was noone in the room. Rather like working like that - means I get more done apart from when Lindsay interrupts!

Linda at work's eldest Lisa went into Labour this morning so Linda's all excited though she did say that she needed to hang on until tomorrow because she could then go and visit them. It's to be a girl which is really nice as her sister is also pregnant and due in a couple of weeks, but is having a boy. Lisa is one of those people who have everything done just so. And seems that having her baby is no difference I mean she was due today I think or at least 1-3rd of August and what do you know she is having the baby! I'm thinking she might be a naughty baby just to upset Lisa's perfect world, because babies totally don't conform to ordered lives especially if you really want them to!

Tried adding Ben to my BBM and it just doesn't seem to want to work. Hmm might have to try it again when he's in the office.

Lynne's car had a flat battery this morning, but she got it going and came to work which was fine, but going home time she tried the car and it was dead. I was going to offer to jumpstart her car, but well the battery in my car is hidden under some mysterious coverings and I daren't try lifting things. In the end she used Justin's car and it started, but she's got to go drive round to hopefully get it to fix and it's not as if she's got far to go to get home, wonder where she'll end up running the car!

Home but no golf tonight due to them putting in the new carpet after the fire weeks ago. No idea why they have to close the driving range - I mean you could get in from the bottom of the range. Meh anyway means I can sleep as soon as possible!

I'm going to sign off now!

Nighty night

Love S xxx
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