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Same old Same old

Well again a day of my own company. Lindsay was waiting for me at the door this morning - I was 1 minute late, but he had a huge list of things he wanted me to do and well they just had to be done then. Spent the whole day bobbing up and down the stairs, well I did at least leave all the tax information for Clair and Ben to do when they get back as I've only done adjustments etc as directed by Lindsay.

Linda's daughter had her baby at 4am this morning and she's called Lauren. Linda came in this afternoon with a picture on her phone - she looks adorable. Though Lisa said that she'd not dress her baby in Pink all the baby was wearing was - yes Pink! She's got chubby little red cheeks and cute! We'll probably hear all about it next week when she's back in. Only Nicky now to have her baby, which will be interesting as her son Liam has been the only one for 2/3 years now - he wont know what's going on poor boy.

Oh and the cleaner seems to have progressed from dirty cloths to polish that leaves a greasey residue on the desk as I had to clean my desk and the one infront this morning before putting anything down on it. I mean she must use too much polish (whatever kind it is) and not use the duster to wipe it off again. I might suggest that I just clean my own desk from now on. I have to wonder seeing as this is a specific cleaner from a business - how do they survive if they can't clean properly???? Pah not my problem another 15 minute thing to add to my timetable as non-chargeable!

Hmmm so I think I have plans for the weekend. Friday is dinner at TGI Fridays with Mike, Kathryn, Zoe, Nat and Mark which should be great as we haven't had a get-together since erm Christmas and it's almost christmas again! Then I'm going out with Michelle somewhere, when we decide on a destination - she said drive for a couple of hours North, East or South so me being me made a huge list and asked her if she had any suggestions?!

I'm really sleep now so I'd best go and hit the pillows or I'll be awful tomorrow.

Night night

Love S xxx
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