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My last as a twentysomething!


Yes I know I failed in my plan to post everyday of my 29th to 30th year, but it's been quite a year and I couldn't move into tomorrow when I'm 30 with out posting a summary and one final 20-something post!

So recap....
A year ago tomorrow I was 29.

I passed one of my exams in August 2011 which made me one very happy little bunny - only like 6 more to go before qualification complete (oh and maybe a disertation/project thing to get a degree too, but that's a "wait & see how motivated I am" kind of thing.

Simon was 30 in September and we all went up to Morecambe (I think that's spelt wrong, but if I want to get this done before midnight that's what's gonna be the spelling!) to celebrate - fun was had by all I feel. Went to Edinburgh with Mum and Dad for a whole week and stayed in the most amazing apartment just of Princes Street. Me and Mum did lots of touristy things whilst Dad was at his conference! Made me want to move there even more, but it's not likely to happen for a long time I think.

Then came October with Kathryn and Michael's 30th birthdays. K had a brilliant fancy dress party - travel themed which lead to me wearing a 50s dress (time traveller! lol!) M's birthday we went out for dinner in Chester and I found another restaurant I quite like.

November me and Mum and Dad went to Ludlow for the weekend and where they had a medieval christmas market on. I bought some rather nice things and I now own my very own cloak, which as soon as the proper wintery weather starts I will be using.

Christmas was it's usual hectic time with exams and work parties and family gatherings etc etc. Only saw a little bit of snow this year which was a bit depressing, but meant I wasn't spending forever at home instead of heading to work or out and about.

January Daddy was 60 and we all, including his brothers and their families went out for a meal at this lovely tiny french restaurant in woolton village. Rather enjoyed that if you ask me. Oh and I went to Scotland just after new year which was a great fun thing to do.

February was Mummy's birthday, Lisa's 30th, Beth's 30th and Michelle's birthday. Not a lot really happened in February, though Graeme broke up with Becky and then started going out with Gemma. Huge blow up there, but I think he brought it on himself to some degree, butt what do I know I'm only his sister! Oh I put in an offer on a house, which was accepted might I add, but then I was gazumped the next week because the estate agents didn't take it off the market. I was rather upset about it really, but looking back it was all for the best.

March I found another house and this time I made them take it off the market and it all became mine officially in May. This house has two bedrooms, a driveway, a garage, a front and back garden, a dining room, big lounge with a real fire and a nice kitchen. Definitely a house I could stay in for quite a few years unlike the one before which was right on the main road with no parking etc and I'd probably want to move within 5 years or so. Therefore March and April merged together with sorting out buying the house etc etc.

May I got the keys for my house 4th May and then promptly went up to Cumbria to Amie's wedding. My gosh she's not old enough to be married as she's a couple of months younger than Graeme, but it was a beautiful day and stayed dry which seeing as it was an outdoor wedding and then in a marquee was good. It was great to see Amie and Adam and Diane and Martin again, and to see people that I haven't seen for many years.

June was the Queen's Dimond Jubilee and was celebrated by going to Kathryn's for her garden party and watching the boats on the Themes - pity it was raining something terrible on the saturday. Exams again in June so now I have to wait until August for the results - I do hope I pass this time because I don't think I can bring myself to do it again, but I have promised myself that if I have to do it again I'm going to Liverpool to study for it and see if that helps as the Manchester man wasn't that great when I was there in the winter session. So still 5/6 more exams to do before qualification.

July started with Auditting with Dan in Wrexham and brought me to today where I had presents at work and cards and lots of small sparkley 30s and stars all over my desk. I got a traveller gnome which I think shall have to come on my travels with me and have his pictures taken whereever we go! Spider repellant because I'm a complete and utter wuss about them (my garage was a haven for them before Mummy cleaned it all out, but I think they may be creeping back so spraying stuf should do the trick I think!) Vouchers for Amazon and New Look and a keyring with "Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate" on it.

So here I am recapping rather quickly what has happened this year and what is to come you may ask... Well finishing my house so I can move in in the next couple of weeks learing to live in my house and then maybe Michelle might move in if she wants to move out of her parents. I might not have moved out by the time I'm 30, but I have bought a house and that's the only grownup thing I'm likely to ever do again!

All in all I think it was a very content year and I'm thinking next year could be even better! Though I'm hoping that sometime in my future there will be more travelling - I haven't been anywhere for the last two years now and I'm dying for a trip to DC again!

Night night everyone and sweet dreams. Goodbye to 29 and Hello to 30!

Love Always
S xxx
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