Keeper of the Cages (jazzbandmusic) wrote,
Keeper of the Cages

Party good - there were drinks and food and a few people I knew - yeah it was a family party and I have no idea who most of them where!! Had people going "Oh I knew who you were when I saw you, you look the image of your mother..." etc etc! Yes I know I look like my mum and she looks like her mum and yes we all sound a like when we answer the phone, not other wise because as I have stated many times before my accent is completely random and weird! Like it though and it makes me different!

Oh yes I have this thing that when I hear a song once I just know the words afterwards and then every time I hear it I have to sing! It's very bad and I think that's why I can't learn anything new 'cos all those lyrics old and shiny new just push out all relevant things and prevent new ones entering! My dad said that I should get my lecturers to put all the stuff to a tune so I could learn it, but I think it might be a bit weird!

I can't become an economist. I think when you become something you should at least be able to say what it is you are/do and I get confused and when I say the word it occasionally comes out sounding econominist (like you say economics with the ist at the end! very weird!) So yes I'm going to have to find a job that I can pronounce!

Right I'm off to bed seeing as I'm sprouting random crap here! so I'll see ya tomorrow if I ever wake up and blah blah blah blah blah! Night night! xx
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