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Totally more awake now!

I was kept awake reading fic until 7.20am and nearly got busted by my dad! They'd take the laptop away if they knew I was up reading until then! That's about the only bad thing about being home - not being able to read stuff until whenever! And on the grand scale of things it isn't really that bad! Ho hum!

So yes I must have been hit on the head yesterday, because not only did I buy those shoes and a handbag, but I also wore a skirt last night! I hardly ever wear them and now I've got this denim one which is long and has this fishtail thing at the back! I've completely fallen in love with it and I think I shall wear it loads - or at least I intend to!

Hmmmm what else not a lot seeing as I was a sleep until like 4.20! oh well I'm awake now so I guess I'll do something! Maybe I'll go and get Lilo Stitch from the Video store or something! I really want to see that and many more films, which I would not be allowed to watch at uni!

I was wondering would/could Muggle be used as an insult?! I mean if you got really angry at someone and shouted that they were a muggle would they be insulted or would they just laugh at you?! Answers on a postcard / comment to me! :)

Ok toodles for now! I'm going to go read the next chapter of Jade Green Eyes! Evil cliffhangers!!! But ya gotta love it! :D!

P.S. Pork and roast tats! Nummy or what?!
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