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2-in-1! - Keeper of the Cages
Hey my dears! Ok I'm tired and I'm bored and I want messages! I feel lonely! *sobs!*

Right well ok so I've been home since Friday and today is Tuesday and I have slept quite a bit! Though not as much as I would have liked, but then again as long as I get up before my mum gets home from work it's all ok!

So what happened yesterday...well I went to the cinema (shock horror what a change!) and saw the new Vin film...how nummy can that man be?! I have to say ROAR to him! so very sweet and actiony! He even wears a suit at the end *sigh thud* Oh and there was Starbucks before so I had a venti Rasp Frap and a Classic Blueberry Muffin - so totally no change there really! I have an addiction and I am trying to seek help, but they just laugh and tell me to get a really addiction ;)!

Today I woke up and came downstairs to check if the new LuciusxHarry digest was in my inbox - well I really wanted to read the next part of Jade Green Eyes so yeah... Anyway it was and I copy-pasted to go and read it on the laptop in my room and guess what since monday night it's eaten the a-drive. It's gone *poof* so now I can't get stuff off it or on to it and my dad has gone away and I can't fix it and he's sooo not supposed to see what I have put on it! so I'm going to have to cry to him to get it fixed for when I go back to uni in like 2 weeks and hope to goodness it is fixable. I don't understand it 'cos it worked perfectly fine when I was reading stuff on Monday night using the a-drive, and humph! I'm soooo dead when he finds out!

I had to bring the disk back downstairs to read it on the house pooter, which meant I had to hang up the washing because I couldn't have been downstairs and not noticed the note about said washing with out my mum getting annoyed! Then she came home before I even had a chance to start reading. *mumbles incoherent words* finally got to read it and then had to get ready to go out again with Kathryn.

We went to Franky and Benny's at the coliseum and it was goooooood! I had calzone sicilian pizza, bolognaise sauce, pepperoni, ham, etc etc all folded over! nummy! While Kathryn had the Cheese Burger - real burger with real cheese on it! And then for desert I had the Blueberry Muffin Sundae - heavenly with whipped cream and sauce and every thing on it! She had Momma's deep filled apple pie! So all in all we ate loads, but it was all good!

Then we wondered over to Borders. That was fatal because I ended up spending £30.20 on 3 dvds and a magasine. I am sooooooo not going to be showing my mum them! I got Crossroads (yes I know, but cheesy girly film watching is needed occasionally in between my many action things!), The Great Escape Special Edition (And yes I realise I have it on video, but it has commentaries and trailers and other things so I had too!), finally I got True Lies (I have wanted it for ages and it was £7.99 and you can't get it on Amazon cheaper!) Oh and the mag was YM - I'm hooked ;)! So all in all I have spent loads to day and have only been up for about 8 hours! Where 5 of said hours were spent at home or travelling in the car!

I had a random conversation with Kathryn's mum though before we went out 'cos I was quarter of an hour early and she was running late so that was fun! Oh and we got back to hers at like 10.30 - I was driving! Not that explains the early but you know what I mean - and so I managed to get the video of the school's Grease production - going to watch it in a few! It's an actual record we have been home early 2days in a row! Woooo! go us! Maybe if we continue then if we are later then neither of us will get busted, though thinking more of Kat getting busted really!

Current Mood: full full
Current Music: Sarah McLachlan - Fear (Live recording!)

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Squeeeeeeeeee! ::huggls::
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