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Hello! I took the elf test! YOU ARE A TRANQUIL ELF! You have one… - Keeper of the Cages
Hello! I took the elf test!


You have one hope in this world, and that is to have eternal peace in Middle Earth. You are currently working on making friends with Orcs, although it's the hardest challenge you've come across, your positive attitude won't let you give up on your dream of world peace.

Darn no pic! Oh well what ever! Also I did the Harry Potter test (the other day) and I'm supposed to be this really scary person. Well 'cos my obsession is supposed to be that scary when everyone knows it is Oliver Wood who is just so fine! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm Oh and got to http://www.totallyseanbiggerstaff.com All Oliver wood and very nice!

Ooops I did it again I keep pressing totally the wrong buttons and then posting random stuff that wasn't supposed to be! Argh!!

Anyway I have to say this is much more enjoyable than the lecture I've just had and the computer lab I'm just about to have (Economics Data can there be anything more boring?!) (Answers on a SAE to me here!)

Well I'm hoping that my replacement printer arrives to day 'cos if not I'm kinda in a mess and it's all bad! They actually told my dad that they came on monday, but hey I have to say that they totally didn't 'cos I spent the whole day sitting in the lounge, when I could have been all productive and working! (Yeah right sleeping more like, but hey I can pretend to be all working!)

Ok enough for the moment!! Honeypots and jam! or maybe that would be better as peanut butter and jam sandwichs! Mmmmmmm hunger! Oh yeah and I missed out on my tea this morning 'cos I fell asleep again when I should have got up. Humph! BYE XX

Current Mood: giddy giddy
Current Music: Head Shoulders knees and toes & Oops I did it again!

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