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Window Cleaners - Keeper of the Cages
Window Cleaners
Ok so I know that I should be up and about at like 10.50, but I wasn't I was trying to go back to sleep after my alarms went off! So yes window cleaners came to our house to day and I was in bed and the window was open so I could hear them burbling! Very weird conversation they were having too if I might add! Anyway then when they left my window - lucky I had the curtains closed isn't it?! - one of the rang the doorbell to give me the bill, though normally they just put it through the letterbox, but no they had to ring the doorbell. So I went down with my dressing gown wrapped around me and my hair a mess and my eyes refusing to work! And the guy just stared at me and said Hi twice. Very random - Also all other curtains were open in the house seeing as everyone's at college (my brother) and work (my mum) or away (my dad). So he knew I was still in bed and had just woken up! Oh well I just have to say I wish I had my big dressing gown rather than my summer cotton one and had not been wearing Harry Potter, Dumbledore, Socks! Meh!

Right enough from me for now I have to get off her just in case my mum phones! Toodles xx

P.S. any good music suggestions? I'm bored with mine! Ta! TTFN xx
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