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Soooo tired! though I went to bed 'early' last night! Lol! Ok so I… - Keeper of the Cages
Soooo tired! though I went to bed 'early' last night! Lol! Ok so I went to bed before the next installment of JGE came out! So go me!

My brother is ill. Which is crap 'cos he keeps getting migraines and then he's sick and he's all crabby, which is totally understandable. Poor boy! As long as he's not sick for a long time - before now he's been in the hospital because of it - Scary stuff it is.

We're supposed to be going to a wedding, but not sure now - well we might but I don't think the boy will be. I wants to go, but I really don't know anybody who's going - mum's school friend's eldest son. So I know like my family and the friend and her sons and daughter and that's about it! Hmmm but pretty dress and shoes with cherries on the inside of them!

Ok so I'm going got some stuff to read then dinner to eat and then get dressed. Toodles xx

P.S. COS! Wooooooooo!

Current Mood: sleepy sleepy
Current Music: Hum of the pooter and background tv sounds!

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