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Bonsoir! Hee! So yeah trains and train tickets are strange things… - Keeper of the Cages

Hee! So yeah trains and train tickets are strange things and if my mum was being nice and let me take my CAR with me then I wouldn't have to pay £32.50 for a single ticket, with young persons railcard might I add, to go back to that bloody place, which BTW Yo no quiero volver a (hope that's right I just used a free site to do it! :D!) Anyway. Yes very expensive and a return ticket would cost £42.50, which would make the return journey only £10, stupid or what?! That's Virgin trains for you and I hope you never have to travel on them, unless they are the shiny ones with the plug ports and then they are worth it!

So yes what else did I do today...Oh yes ferried my brother around Froddy! Lazy boy! But hey all the driving I can get I think!

Oh yeah and Broadband! Woot! My dad is investigating it and seeing as Froddy has had the exchange updated that means we can and therefore no more crappy interruptions of "GET OFF THERE NOW I NEED TO PHONE MY FRIENDS" and "I'm waiting for a call, so no you can't go on the internet" etc etc! It's all good and I shall be glad when we have it!

Also HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY to jigglyfrog! Have fun dress shopping tomorrow my love!

Blooming Baskets are some people! you'd think they knew how to drive, but I think not!

I had a thought, which doesn't help me too much this year, but next year it could be a godsend! The whole Lent thing and the giving up, well I was thinking that as I hardly have things that I have all the time, except pasta - which if I gave up would mean I wouldn't have anything to eat and would be good for my graduation ball, but not anything else - so if by lent next year I'm still addicted to fic I can give that up - I know that's a bad idea, but I have to look at it from several points.

1. I'm giving up something for lent - all good and it is something that I have an addiction to so it's definitely valid!

2. I will be doing my dissertation and if there is fic around you can bet all the money in Gringotts that I will be reading fic instead of writing my dis, which may be loverly form me will not be loverly for my degree and my chances at anything!

3. Will power I need some! And I also need to get a life! I love my life now, but quite a few people would say it wasn't proper! so *blows a raspberry* to them, but life seeking could be fun!

4. It will reduce my pooter time and that can't be a bad thing! I may even end up going to bed/sleep at a reasonable time!

So yes I think the first two reasons are valid whilst the last two are just my tired mind rambling on again!

This continual text is boring me and I think it's about time I did some quizzes so, I'm off to find an few and maybe some good fic while I'm about it!

I got this link from Maeglin Yedi's group on yahoo in the Today's Special The Courtship of Harry Potter I loved it! it's by Diana Williams btw!

This is the next installment in nimori's Harry/Lucius fi Happy Christmas Harry Potter and I'm going to run off to read it in a few!
Happy Christmas Harry Potter 6b!

Right that's it I'm too tired to continue so I'm going. Night night and have a wonderful day!

P.S. love my brother 'cos he got rid of this HUGE spider from my room before! ::huggles:: They scare me sooooo much! Actually it wasn't In my room more on the window and seeing as I wanted to open said window it involved getting rid of said spider! Hope I don't have icky dreams again! I did last time I saw one up close! I couldn't sleep after that!

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