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Fun with Translators! - Keeper of the Cages
Fun with Translators!
Salut! Je m'ennuie maintenant si j'ai pensé j'écrirais ceci dans quelque autre langue! Si j'ai choisi Français - voir comme je l'ai appris pour 7 années! Donc oui j'ai vu "Lilo & Stitch" aujourd'hui et c'était brillant! Je dois aller et dois l'ajouter à ma collection!

Hi! I'm bored now so I thought I'd write this in some other language! So I picked French - seeing as I learnt it for 7 years! So yes I saw "Lilo & Stitch" today and it was brilliant! I must go and add it to my collection! (What I actually wrote!)

Salvation! I am bored now if I thought I would write this in some other language! If I chose French - to see as I learned it for 7 years! Therefore yes I saw "Lilo & Stitch" today and it was brilliant! I must go and the must add to my collection! (What the translator got when reversed!)

I giggle!

So yes Lilo and Stitch and Kat's Half Birthday and Sun and Dehydration and all those bad things! Ho hum! But atleast I went out the house! I have to go get my sunglasses from Chester tomorrow morning and so I shall have fun doing that. Sarcasm is a wonderful thing and can never be over used!

I want to put pictures on here, but I messed up when I put them on my new site thing and so when I get the chance I have to sort them out! *mumbles words about stupid scanners and the like!*

Oh and just to prove a point jigglyfrog Hello! *waves* *jumps up and down waving arms like an eejit*!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? :P

New word of the week: Eejit! I love this word and all that it can be used for! Excessive use is good and should be done! So I say to you now Eejit!

Right that's it for now! My dad has noticed my going to bed at like 4am, so I'm going to scoot now! Nite nite and what not!

P.S. Bought the "Daredevil" ST today! Soooo bad, but OH SO GOOD! all must have a copy! I felt bad about keeping Kats for so long! Forgive me and love me my dear! *handstand!* (I can't do cartwheels - they just go wonky!) Oh that is another rant! I'll take it to the next post!

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Current Music: *Click* *hum* *tap tap* - Yup the pooter again!

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