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Ok I had to say that the last post, when spell checked turned… - Keeper of the Cages — LiveJournal
Ok I had to say that the last post, when spell checked turned completely red! Lol! I think the thing didn't really like it! I giggle at that quite loudly (shhhhhh people are asleep!)

*whispers* right yes ranty! Why is it always taken for granted that everyone can do cartwheels?! I mean ok a lot of people can, but that does not mean everyone has to or can. My dancing teacher made us do them, but seeing as I couldn't I had to do something else, which kind of ruined the whole routine/exercise thing that we had to do. *mutters about stupid presumptuous people!* It wasn't as if I didn't want to do them it was my mum continually saying "No don't do that you'll break your neck" etc etc so by the time I could try them I'd passed the stage of being fearless and not really caring what I tried out so panic stations would set in! Handstands now I can do them, which confuses me seeing as when you do a handstand you are more likely to go crashing down on to your neck than if doing a cartwheel. And then there are headstands - prefer to do them on the sofa - doesn't hurt so much! - but they can be done outside and hey headstand would seem to indicate standing on ones head and therefore the neck is close to ground and also supporting body that is attached to said neck! Hmmmm weird and very random, but I had to share my thoughts with someone before I go back and share them with Uni people who look at me strangely enough as it is!

Right I'm going away now. Yes I am an Eejit! (I am so glad I learnt how to spell that word! Lol!)

P.S. Go and read sinful_cookies all soooo very good and great and part of shrieking_shack and especially the bois play_nicely Lu and slytherinboi Sev soooo nummy and so good! I love them! Though I may be biased, but I think not! they are just so gooooooDd! :D!

Bye bye!

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