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Sleepy ramblings - no sense at all, but that's me to a T! - Keeper of the Cages
Sleepy ramblings - no sense at all, but that's me to a T!

Quick one here! Um yeah pub last night! Cinema today with Ice cream afterward! Oooh and I got a wee frisbee from the cinema 'cos I bought an Ice blast thingy! nummy and free toy, though the guy said I didn't look responsible enough to get it before I went in to the film - I might throw it around or something - so I had to get it after the film by taking my empty cup to show that I'd bought one. Humph - me not responsible I ask you! Heee! maybe it was the badge that jigglyfrog bought me??! It says "I gave up SEX, SMOKING & BOOZE It was the worst 20 minutes of my life" I love it and it's on my jacket! Oh yes I forgot to say what the film was didn't I?! ("twit!!") It was "How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days" Very excellent film and very funny! all should see it!

Oh going to the pub hopefully tomorrow night. Should be fun, but I'm so tired and I have to return to Uni on Tuesday and well meh!

oooh yeah I got the new Sharpe book on Friday! I didn't know there was even one out so I was all shocked! But also it was for £14.99 instead of £17.99 (hardback you see) So I could justify it to my mum! It is good and when I read it I have loverly images in my head of Sean Bean playing the main guy and his voice...*sigh* *goes off to read more!*

There was also the buying of Charlotte Gray and Enigma, both on DVD but I hid them so when I came in to the house there was only the book to show! Though I think my mum has seen the receipt, so Ooops!

Going to go to Halfords tomorrow to see if they have a nice radio/CD player thing for my car and then it'll all be good! So in the summer I can have loud music that I like playing rather than trying to surf the radio channels and getting nowhere fast!

Have you noticed I never seem to use any other punctuation other than ! I know the other things exist, but they seem so boring compared!

Oh yes magnetic Shakespeare poetry is great fun when coupled with those magnetic letters - I made poetry and random things on jigglyfrog's mum's fridge tonight! I think her whole family and elbowyangle's bloke think I'm insane or hyper or all of the above! I think they maybe right! Oh well at least I know what's wrong with me so I can wear a badge to warn people! lol! It's like those health warning things on the side of cigarette boxes, but on me!

Right yes I'm tired and I'm going to bed now so if I scared anyone I apologise and give them a hug! My dad is going to kill me 'cos he said I had to go to bed at like 10.30pm and it's now 1.12am! oops! *runs away very fast!* Night night all!

Love and honeypots

S xx
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