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SQUEEEEEEEEEE! Broadband! whee! I love my dad! ::hugs!:: No more… - Keeper of the Cages
SQUEEEEEEEEEE! Broadband! whee! I love my dad! ::hugs!:: No more crappy slowness! I'm going to be soooo happy this summer! Wheeeee!

So yes down to the serious business of what is going on!

Tomorrow I have to spend 4 hours on a train to go back to Stirling and then I have to spend a few hours when I get back writing an essay about exchange rates and the such like. I can tell you that will be soooooo much fun, not! Oh well I have an interview on Wednesday for a job that doesn't exist and I'm seriously contemplating skipping it in favour of applying for housing from next year. Meh! I guess I could end up in serious trouble though, so maybe I wont!

Ooooh there was baby Tom on tv this afternoon in the Borrowers! Awwwww it was soooo cute! He was sooo wee! And the hair lol! Then there was Dragonheart that had Jason Isaacs in it! Black hair mmm voice mmm! but he died in the end *sob!* Funny though, or at least to my little mind anyway, he played a guy called Felton in a film with a dragon called Draco. Yes I need to get out more my mind seems to connect such random things!

I think I'm going out tonight, but meh have to wait and see wont I! I guess I should log off so if my friends are trying to phone they can actually get through to me!

See ya later! Adios! xx

Current Mood: ecstatic ecstatic
Current Music: Toy Story on the TV

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