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My stars! "Assuming a leadership position in a community affair… - Keeper of the Cages
My stars!

"Assuming a leadership position in a community affair makes you feel wanted and needed. You're a natural at inspiring others to take the best possible course of action. Don't be intimidated by loud, aggressive types who try to bully their way to the top. Your calm, reassuring presence should be enough to command attention over the next four weeks. The people you meet now can help you move toward future goals."

So does this mean I can take control of my house thing?! I hope so! I just need to be calm and strong! Right yes that's what I will do! Looks good doesn't it! Whee!

Toast now! Yay! Hope there's tea too!

Oooh dear the butterflies are back! help! this is getting ridicules! Every time I have to leave home I start to panic - what is my deal?! Hmmm?! I have no idea and really I'm not worried I'm just going to miss home and it's only for five weeks! stupid me! lol! oh well! Yes I'm a nutter!

BTW Love and hugs to all people that I've randomly friended and I hope that I don't confuse you too much! I'm quite harmless really! Ok really going now! I think my last post from home will be tomorrow morning before I go - I have to check my mail before I leave so I can get new mail when back at uni! The inbox is about to explode!

Night night all xx

You are... Hedwig
YOU ARE Hedwig: Cool, calm, proud and smart, but
still capable of showing affection. Sometimes
you get a little offended by things, but hey,
get over it - you're an owl. Even though you
are sent off in any weather to deliver mail,
you're more than happy to prove how a real
mail-owl should behave. You're loyal and you
love Harry muchly.

What Harry Potter Pet Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Bye bye xxx

One more!

With Which Harry Potter Male Are You Most Sexually Compatible?

brought to you by Quizilla

Right bed now - got to pack my bag! oops! love me xx
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