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Long burbles! - Keeper of the Cages
Long burbles!
Ok so it's now...*looks at watch* 8pm and I am still sitting at the pooter in uni. Y you may ask, well that I find is a very good question and one I can only answer by uttering the 3 letter word...meh! yeah I know you thought I was going to say fic didn't you?! well ok so I was going to say it, but I thought I'd better get in a few more words before I used it!

So yes Copy Pasting of mail to read at the flat is fun! especially when the first pooter you try doesn't like word, then the second one you try doesn't have MSN or Yahoo on it. Third time lucky! :D! so this one has MSN and Yahoo and well AIM can be got through the buddy list thing so woot! Well it would be if there was anyone on it! Though there was Simon and I talked to him for a while! That was good!

Well I had a tutorial at 5 - oh what a surprise lol! So The guy picked on me again and made me answer a whole question when everyone else got little bits of a question and everytime it came to a bit that I had answered that they were answering I had to do repeat the answer. mean man! I mean I can't help it if I'm being thick and also I missed the lectures last week and I don't have the right chapter of his book on my pooter (it's a special book written only for Stirling students woooo! aren't we privileged!) Anyway it was too big for a normal disc and I haven't had chance to CD it yet! So I was stupid again in front of the 4th years so meh!

Right cheerfulness! Erm oooh you know those new beetle cars, well I much prefer the old ones, but that is totally by the by here really, my point was that there was this black one parked near the flat and it's number plate said "BIG BTL" I thought that was great! At least you'd know what it was if you forgot! The type of car I meant though you certainly couldn't forget the number plate either! lol!

Oooh does anyone have HxL?! Well anyway there is this person that comments on there (might write fic too but I can't remember anyway) They have this signature thing at the bottom and everytime I read it I can't help but laugh! so I thought I'd share it with you!

(Quatre from Gundam Wing doing the 'im a little teapot song while drunk!)

Quatre laughed outright as he stood up, swaying slightly.

"I'm a little tea pot short and stout..."

The little blonde bent his knees on the word 'short', both hands on his hips at 'stout'.

"Here is my handle... Here is... my other handle?"

Quatre looked down at both hands sitting on his hips.

"Oh SHIT!! I'm a sugar bowl!!"

So what do you think?! So yeah if you know them they're name's oddball and well...nope lost my train of thought there sorry!

Oooh go read [Bad username: vanityfair>'s post now! it's sooooo goood! it definitely needs more! :D oh yeah you'll be wanting the link to that wont you! (] and gmth who added to day and I hope I haven't scared or confused or whatever you both and all who read me, all except jigglyfrog who knows me too well to be scared (I hope! lol!) hugs to all!

Night night and I hope you all have a very merry night! It's student night if you didn't know so go drink and be merry! I on the other hand have work to do so no merry for me. *pouts!* Or maybe a little! ;) Bye bye! (I've been saying that for 10mins now! oops! Note to self shut up when you say you will! lol!)

Current Mood: crazy crazy
Current Music: Sister Hazel - Change Your Mind (in my head!)

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