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Yes 9am lectures are bad, but at least you can fall asleep in them… - Keeper of the Cages
Yes 9am lectures are bad, but at least you can fall asleep in them but when it is a9am tutorial you can't sleep because the room is small and the guy can see you the whole time! Ho hum I don't mind it's all the more fun really!

So yes very random thought but the toilet was green yesterday and it confused me! yes I'm that simple sometimes! someone must have put cleaner in it but hum I think there was a cleaning spree in the house yesterday, which I may add, I didn't take part in!

I got soooo many phone calls yesterday and because I'd been in a tute I had the ringer off and so had to phone them back. The scary thing was my mum left me a voice mail and it freaked me out 'cos I thought it was about my nanna. I can tell you I almost had a panic attack at the uni bus stop because of it. But no it was just her saying I'll ring you later. Parents have no idea how scary things like that can be! Detrimental to my health and all that! lol!

Oh yes phone calls - lost track there! Got a phone from Kat and so I phoned her back and was on the phone for like nearly an hour and then my phone died so had to send txt to her when I found the charger! I didn't realise how late it was so I wish to apologise to her mum for phoning so late and I'll be a good girl and never ever do it again, unless it's an absolute emergency!

Right must run - Environment lecture now so toodle pip and I'll be back! xx

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Current Music: Dare Devil - Dare Davil ST

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