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Beth sent me this forward! Ok, so we've all had the 80s one a… - Keeper of the Cages
Beth sent me this forward!

Ok, so we've all had the 80s one a million times, but this is the first one i've read about the 90s and, oh, the memories! We really were all losers weren't we!

How you know you experienced the 1990's!!!

You once used Wella Plum mousse or Sun-in in your hair that you thought was totally original and highly stylish.

You could do or tried to do the prodigy step

You owned or longed for an adidas three-stripe tracksuit, in every colour.

Platform runners ??

You owned a compilation tape with top tunes such as "Mr.Vain", "What is love" and "Rhythm is a dancer" on it!

Hour long debates on who was better? East 17 or Take That?

You judged a girl on who she fancied from Take That! (Robbie: you were cool. Gary Barlow: you were not!)

For all you die hard E17 fans?. "Outside its raining but inside its wet" and "alright,its alright,its alright,its really alright!".

you owned a pair of Nike Air Max. I wish.

You wore plastic (or edible) dummies around your neck, the bigger and more luminous the better!

You watched Clueless over and over and wished you were Cher!

You wore leggings/cycling shorts/Bermuda shorts with long t-shirts! The brighter the better!

You owned a Benneton/NafNaf or a Paco jumper!

You went away and returned with a hair wrap!

You owned scrunchies in array of colours!

You cried your eyes out at Legends of the Falls.

You remember when Blur were better than Oasis.

You went to or dreamed about going to a smash hits concert!

You bought Smash hits for the song lyrics and the immense amount of stickers that you would stick everywhere!

You understand the true love of Ross and Rachel!

You watched Facts of life, Hang Time and sweet valley high after school.

You remember the theme tune to California dreaming?"Surf dudes with attitude, kinda dreamy, laid back moods?"

On a Saturday afternoon you watched Catch phrase, Gladiator, generation game and then Noels House Party and after, Casualty!

You remember when Nickelodeon was TCC!

Sugar and bliss magazines had the Best problem pages!

10p crisps! e.g. Meanies, Wheelies!

Push 'n' pop lollies were so conventional, you could save them for later!

A grey fruit of the loom jumper was a must have!

Levi 501's??

You made a key ring or ornament out of prima or fimo!

Captain planet, James Bond junior and Sharkie and George crime busters of the sea!

You NEEDED a game boy/a SNES/a Megadrive.

Sonic the hedgehog and Street fighter were the best (Sonic boom, erushka erushka, house on fire!)

Puffa jackets!

You fancied Ryan Giggs and used as a chat up line cos you could talk about how great Ryan was on the pitch!

Do the Bartman, I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, cant prove anything!

You wore calvin klein knickers with the calvin klien waistband showing above your trousers!

Impulse body spray!

Woodies alco pops were the best thing EVER!

You watched Bold and the Beautiful and Come dancing when you were off sick from school!

Don't forget your toothbrush and The Big Breakfast with Chris Evans!

Ace Ventura Pet Detective???

You had at least one troll!

You know the dance to the Macarena and Saturday night! You also tried to scat like scatman john!

You believed 2 unlimited died in a car crash (they didn't)

You watched Baywatch and longed for the day that Eddie and Shauna got together! You fancied Eddie (Billy Warlock) too!

Swatch Pop watches, your friend could show you the time from at least 20 feet away!

You owned a Mood ring!!

You watched Byker Grove!

You went into the Body shop to put on vanilla or white musk perfume!

Black velvet hair bands with a puffy bit on top!

Shell Suits and Bum Bags!!!

Where are Zig and Zag?? Bet you own one of the Zig and Zag books that were out at around Christmas time!

Count duckula and Trap door!

Black velvet chokers with a little pendant hanging from them!

You watched Telly Addicts on a Tuesday night!

You longed to live in Beverly Hills 90210!

Fruit shaped and scented soaps that usually came from a body shop basket you got for your birthday !

Waistcoats on girls!

You owned the TLC album!

You couldn't listen to Salt 'n' Pepa around your parents!

Fruit salads and Black jacks!!!

When you went to a slumber party the movie to see was crush with Alicia Silverstone!

Who framed Roger Rabbit?

Ear cuffs ???!!!

Drop Dead Fred was the bestest movie EVER !!!!!!

I sooo remember all that! Do you?! lol! P.S. oops! I forgot the " at the end of the cut thingy!!! lol!
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