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Hello my loves! Right yes all bouncy 'cos I'm listening to XXX st… - Keeper of the Cages
Hello my loves!

Right yes all bouncy 'cos I'm listening to XXX st and it's all beaty if you get what I mean!

Oh options today! So what on earth shall I do?! Any suggestions?! I have to chose 2 of the following:

41FE Financial Economics
41KG Development and Structural Change
41TM History of Thought and Methodology

I have to take 41HP Economic Policy in Britain and Europe - which I'm not happy about 'cos I completely and utterly hate policies! but one must and I avoided the other policy on this semester by taking Environmental so I guess I should be thankful I escaped this time round!

I'm thinking Financial, but then I liked Development at A-Level but history sounds a bit interesting, but then again it's methodology and I think I may hate that! lol! I have until like the end of the semester to choose, so if anyone wants to make it easy for me please do! :D!

So yes yesterday well I was a lazy person and ignored the fact that I have sooo much work! I spent the day reading all about the lovely Mr Sharpe and so was quite happy! then there was the accidental drinking of a whole bottle of wine to myself, but it was just so nice and so I didn't notice until the bottle was actually empty!

I'm running out of Nutella. What am I going to do?! Need it to get me through my last essay and then my exams! It's soooo good on crackers! but the thing is the crackers occasionally break in the jar, but meh!

No more Careers! Woot! I got 69% on my interview and 74% on my application form! go me! *does little dance!*

Right I'm going to finish this post here 'cos I wants to quiz so I'm going to quiz on another post! Toodles for now!

P.S. My Banking lecturer said "Balderdash" today, so I'm making it my word of the week!

Current Mood: impressed impressed
Current Music: Adreneline - XXX st (can't remember who sings it tho)

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