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What do you think? - Keeper of the Cages
What do you think?
Ok so I'm cutting this 'cos it's gonna be big, but any help in choosing would be good! I know I've gotta do it for myself, but any input and thoughts would be very much loved by me!


- To study financial decisions by individuals and households.
- To introduce the key tools used by financial-economist.
- To examine the principles of equity and fixed income asset valuation.
- To analyse the term structure of interest rates.
- To consider the implications of efficient market theory and evidence.
- To consider the dividend and debt policies of the firm.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding of

- compounding periods, annuity valuation, perpetuities, annuity annual equivalence, the NPV decision rule, and APR and effective interest rates;
- the application of inter-temporal choice theory to individual saving and training in human capital choices;
- the measurement of risk, risk aversion and certainty equivalence;
- risk, portfolio diversification, mean-variance expected utility, efficient portfolios, two fund separation, and the CAPM;
- the significance of arbitrage and the law of one price for asset pricing;
- how fixed income bond prices are related to the term structure of interest rates, uncertainty premia and expected inflation, and the importance of duration;
- the problem of tax clienteles;
the relationship between different stock valuation models;
- the efficient market hypothesis and the problem of stock market anomalies;
- the dividend irrelevance theorem;
- the capital structure irrelevance theorem;
- financial statement analysis and the application of ratio analysis..


- To examine the circumstances and problems facing emerging economies both in the Third World and in the socialist economies under transition.
- To compare and contrast issues in political economy as they arise in the context of different socio-economic frameworks.
- To explore these issues in the context of individual case studies.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding of

- the nature of poverty;
- the concept of entitlement;
- poverty, famine and entitlement failure, theory and case studies;
- poverty, entitlement and gender issues;
- poverty and fertility issues, theory and case studies;
- child labour in poor countries;
- experience of centralised planning, extended entitlement;
- the cost of transition;
- the role of the state and rent seeking, theory and case studies;
- poverty and sustainable development;
- the Kerala experience, a critical look;
- poverty and globalization.


- To provide an introduction to the history of economic thought and to the evolution of ideas both as to how economic theory should develop and as to how it has developed, i.e. methodology.
- To develop the means to decide on the relative merits of theories and approaches.
- To provide a better understanding of the scope and limitations of economic theory.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding of

- the economics and philosophy of Adam Smith and Classical economics;
- the Marginalist Revolution, Marshall and Robbins;
- the economics and philosophy of Keynes;
- the Neo-classical synthesis and logical positivism;
- New Classicism and New Keynesianism;
- the works of Popper, Kuhn and Lakatos;
- recent developments in methodology: realism, rhetoric, post modernism and pluralism.

So what do you think?! I'm not too sure now but I think the lesser of the two evils is Finance and Development... I mean I have to take 41HP Economics Policy in Britain and Europe and I HATE policies!

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spitfirez From: spitfirez Date: May 7th, 2003 06:37 am (UTC) (Link)
Omigod. O_o

Would love to help, unfortunately, I don't get a single word of any of these. x__x Me gedding dumm. Herherher...
jazzbandmusic From: jazzbandmusic Date: May 7th, 2003 06:39 am (UTC) (Link)


Poor love! I don't get it either! Lol! :D I guess I'd better do some reading for next year!

<3 the icon! :D
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