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For the benefit of... - Keeper of the Cages
For the benefit of...
Not Mr Kite that's for sure! But maybe I should explain! Last night I had a complete weird episode, which lead to me randomly crying and then drinking wine, listening to loud music and finally leaving the house in search of Pizza, more wine and my friends Alan and Brydon. So yeah you may ask what on earth happened between me leaving to computer lab and getting back to the house. I found my essay mark and it was Baaaaaaaad! So add that to the stresses that the house induces and what do you get...An insane me!

But that's by the by seeing as I had Pizza Express Pizza and stole 3 CDs off Alan (woot!) ::hugs the boy!:: Though never get in an argument with him about religion 'cos he totally pees you off in the end! Love him really though! He hates it when I mention his name on here! so if your reading this my boy the millions know your name! *evil grin!* It's not even as if loads of people read my LJ so I have no idea what his problem is nor the fact that no one knows who he is! Silly biscuit!

Hmmm the house. Well I thought we had one and then well we very much don't. So yeah I wish the thing would sort it self out and that a certain...would go and then all. so there!

Ok I'd better go! I've been here for ages and it's now 9pm! *sigh!* See you all soon! BTW hey! to all of you and also I will one day get round to reading everyone's LJs and commenting! :D! but for now ::huggles:: xx

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