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Off to view flat after lecture! And we have another place to see… - Keeper of the Cages
Off to view flat after lecture! And we have another place to see too! Woooo! I love this! :D! Vicky did ask how I could be so calm about things and well I have to say that having had a mad thing the other day I have no more panic, but just wait until next week! I promise there will be a scared little me there then!

Right my essays and other such crap...

Environment I go 77% for the presentation that I couldn't speak in and 78% for the synopsis of said presentation! I think the guy took total pity on me! :D! The essay I got 69% so I guess in the grand scheme of things that option is doing alright - or at least I think so but I've got to work out my percentages first and then I'll know how good/bad it is! Oh and 7% for tutes 'cos I missed on :D! Oooops!

Macro - I got 65% for the first essay then for the second I got 58% Bad is all I can say to this one, but I have 7% for tutes so hopefully...!

Banking - only done 1 essay so far, but got 65% for it and I have the whole 8% for tutes, so hopefully the essay for tuesday will be good and I can smile!

Right off to my lecture and I'll see if I can drag myself in tomorrow to update and mess - Oh hang on no I can't 'cos my mum's coming! Woooo! she's bringing Glass juice and mini Jaffer cakes! How good, though she is taking loads of my stuff away *pouts* gonna miss all the crap in my room! :D!

See ya xx
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