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Introducing our new labels for 2002! The same great wine, we now… - Keeper of the Cages
Introducing our new labels for 2002! The same great wine, we now emphasize the fact that we use premium Marion Blackberries. Well-rounded and as delicate as the fruit it came from, twenty years of refinement is apparent. Its deep color mirrors the heart of this wine, which stays true to the distinct character of the blackberry. A smoky, smooth undertone hides in the berry aromas. An International Silver Medal Winner.

Serving Suggestion: Blend with vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt for a great adult milkshake.

Silver Medal Winner San Francisco International Wine Competition 1999

Also... health tip of the day....Touch-tone up!
Some of the best opportunities to burn calories arise as you're talking on the phone.

Random I know, but Blackberry wine is a very good book, Joanna Harris (I think that's how you spell her name!), tho I'm not sure if it would be a good drink but on the other hand you drink blackcurrent juice so why not said wine?!! I think I'll try some day! Ok dinner now, but will post proper entry when finished eating...Pork chops potatoes and sweet corn!! Mmmmmm mummy made food all good! Heeee Heee!

Ce ya all later!

Current Mood: bouncy bouncy
Current Music: Shrek sound track!!! Very good!

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