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Hey! So tonight is the night of the full moon, but the thing is I… - Keeper of the Cages

So tonight is the night of the full moon, but the thing is I can't see it anywhere - very unhappy pouty me! I love full moons they are just sooooo I don’t know what! I always seem calmer around the full moon and I don't know how to explain it! Heee!

Hornblower - I didn't get to watch it, but I have recorded it and I shall do so at some point either in the next week or when I go home! shall be good I tell you!

I'd like to say Hi! to all you people new to the world of me! Sometimes I may seem a little strange, but it doesn't last too long really! Also Hi! to everyone else too! So basically it's huggles all round!

Um I don't have anything else to say at the moment I don't think apart from maybe that Wormtail was sooo very nice to me! I can't believe he gave me 74% for my last essay, which by the way I couldn't be arsed writing so I left it until 2 hours before it was to be handed in before I took any real notice of it and wrote 1000 words in that time! I mean I'd stayed up all night to do it and all I'd got were 200 words until I had to get it done! I went in to his office and was like "It was really bad wasn't it?" and he said "Well there's noone lower than 30%" and I was like "Oh well that’ll be me then." So when I got my essay I was soo happy and surprised! :D! my Environmental lecturer caught me in the corridor too and asked how the exam had gone and I said "Ok I think, I hope so!" and he said "what's happened to you this semester? You were so good in Industrial last semester." I was like "Oh I don't really know I think it's just me it's all gone a bit wrong really" and considering he's give me like 77%, 78% and 65% so far I think they are really good grades and also last semester contrary to what I may have received for my coursework I came out with a 3A, which is a 3rd and really not what I should have gotten - the external examiner had marked me down (evil little bugger!). He started talking about there being so few options and people having to choose something they don't like etc etc and I was like "No I really like the course, it’s really just me." He said I was just saying that 'cos I was talking to him and really I wasn't I really enjoy it, though my head hasn’t really been here with the whole work and uni thing this semester.

Oh yeah and on Monday on Radio 4 there is a Judi Dench and Alan Bennette play thing. It's one of Alan Bennette's and he and Judi are acting it out! Want to hear it, but probably wont get the chance to.

Hm I'm going to go now - I need to sleep! It's now 4am on Saturday 17th May 2003 and I am not wearing my glasses and looking at this screen is funny as I can't see the letters and so the words could be spelt wrong etc!

Night night S xx

Current Mood: happy happy

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