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Long winded and blustery! - Keeper of the Cages
Long winded and blustery!

Awake now! Though I wouldn't have been if my brother hadn't shouted something very loudly downstairs (annoying little person!) Also to prove I was tired I fell asleep before I could even read the two new chapters of Jade Green Eyes and the other ones I've become addicted to so - tired is putting it mildly!

I'm cutting this 'cos it's long and probably terribly boring so if you skip it I'll understand :D! Though I'm not sure that Lucius and Harry will feel that my ignoring of them last night would be justified if you don't! Heee! I've lost it I know but meh what can you do?!

Anyway that's not the point! The point is that on Friday Caroline left the house and went home - the weather was absolutely shite at the time she went - I mean trying to see was bad enough but when wearing glasses and taking them off as the same visibility then you know it must be bad! So yes was a drowned rat when I went to the B&B to collect the key after taking her to the train! Very funny though felt bad about dripping on the carpet! Went back to the house to sort stuff out (see attached note! Lol!)

So packed very little by the time my Dad and brother arrived! I definitely did not let my Dad go up stairs to see my room! We went for dinner at "The Filling Station" It's sooo good there! So I had Garlic pizza bread to share (which no one would take any of so I sulked, but was really secretly happy 'cos it was nice *giggles!*) Oh with a Frozen Mudslide cocktail - nummy! I persuaded my dad to have one too. Then I had a classic bacon cheese burger and it was very nice with a pint of Stella! Mmm! I started the night as I meant to go on :D! Went back to my house to get the hair clippers so he could cut his hair (which he didn't do 'cos he had no time - stupid arse!) Saw my Mum for like 2 mins 'cos she arrived then. Everyone was in our lounge so I ran in said Hi and then had to shower etc etc! There was wine and Blue WKD (very good I must say!)

We went out at about 10.30 (so much for yes we're going to watch the beginning of BB and then go out at like 9.30!) We went to Drouthy Neebours (thirsty friends) and then moved down to O'Neils, which for once wasn't completely packed out the doors! We met Steven (Vicky's boyfriend) there with a few of her mates from work.

Right yes that's about the gist of Friday night I think! Saturday now that was fun (some sarcasm maybe implied!)

So I woke up at like ten to seven - my brother was hitting the wall every time he turned over, so it was lucky Vicky wasn't in her room otherwise it could have been disasterous! So packing and more packing was the order of the day, whilst I may add my brother slumbered on quite happily! Evil little biscuit he is! Oh yeah and having a 2 hour text conversation with jigglyfrog! that was fun! Finally finished and hoovered and dusted my room. checked everything ten times just to make sure and then got all weepy 'cos it wasn't MY room any more it was just A room *sigh*! Well at least it was cleaner than when I moved in two years ago! The owners hadn't bothered to clear up after the summer tenants had left and it was pretty gross! So we went for lunch in town - very good! Had a BLT wrap, which I wasn't meant to have I was meant to have a BLT Baguette, but the woman who took our order got confused and so did my Dad and that lead to her mixing up the Chicken Fajita wrap my Mum was having with the BLT I was having. It was very good though 'cos two of my favs - BLT and Tortilla wraps Mmmmm! I advise trying it sometime and confusing the serving staff! Makes for good fun, though I think it might only be in my head that that happens :D!

We left there about ten to four 'cos I had to write a note to Vicky and Lisa and then have little bit of a *sad tone* oh meep this is it no more *sob* etc etc! Took the key off my owl, which looks terribly lonely now 'cos there is no key, and left.

I have mystery bruises again! In first year of Uni I kept getting mystery bruises which I had no idea where they came from or how I got them. The worst being the two massive ones I got on my upper arms and didn't notice until someone pointed them out - I had to hide them under jumpers for weeks as they wouldn't go! Anyway I think one of them maybe a sympathy bruise because Vicky bashed herself on the cooker door and developed this massive bruise straight away so yeah sympathy bruise that one is! But where on earth did I get the other ones from?! Go figure!

Anyway got a phone call last night from Vicky and Lisa saying that they couldn't get in the house and none of their keys worked and there were no windows open so they couldn't even get a ladder to climb in. Th guy next door said that that had happened to him before and if the door was shut too harshly then the snick could come down and lock you out. Thinking about it that happened to me the other week - My key wouldn't work and I had to ring the doorbell to get in. Luckily Caroline was in so it was alright! So they had been trying to get hold of me for ages, but my phone had been in my bag with the ringer down to 1 so I couldn't hear it and what not - I feel bad about that so I'm sorry. And so they needed the landlord's mobile number 'cos there was no answer at the house number to try and get them to either fix it or tell them what locksmith to use to get it open. I don't know what's happened 'cos I haven't phoned them back yet and they are both in work today so I'll have to phone them later. I mean I didn't close the door harder than I normally do it just must have been a mad occurrence!

Um yeah what else - Patriot Games was on last night with Sean Bean in it and he has a funny attempt at an Irish accent and has very very bad hair! But still it's him so you can't really complain now can you?! *sigh* Nummy man!

Right I am going to go and have a drink of tea and maybe eat some food! Have a smashing afternoon S xx (14.36 I've been typing this for over an hour! lol!)

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Current Music: In My Life - The Beatles

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reposoir From: reposoir Date: May 25th, 2003 06:23 pm (UTC) (Link)

Mmmm..garlic bread...

I used to get mystery bruises too. Until I realized they were really from me just hurting myself all the time.
jazzbandmusic From: jazzbandmusic Date: May 25th, 2003 06:30 pm (UTC) (Link)


:D! Yup and fries that I can actually eat! so good!

Silly! I think I must randomly walk in my sleep or something - there can be no other explanation, unless someone (maybe an evil house elf or something!) comes in a bashes me randomly and then goes away before I wake :D!
ktwhoopi From: ktwhoopi Date: May 26th, 2003 05:45 am (UTC) (Link)

i get bruises as well!! :) but usually i remember how i did them, i bruise really easily, my sister is the same, she says we're just clumsy and ungraceful and forever running into things!

i hate packing up my room! not only because it's alot of work, it's also sad because i'm leaving that place.

i'm dreading packing up my room next year, because I'll be going from japan back to australia and anything i really want, i'll have to post back *faints*
jazzbandmusic From: jazzbandmusic Date: May 26th, 2003 11:55 am (UTC) (Link)


It must be a mad trait then! I do walk into things though - slightly blind! lol!

Poor love! *fans you* You'll have to start posting soon then! I know I would! I'm so bad at deciding what I want to keep and what I don't! I'd spend a small fortune posting things! :D!
4 comments or Leave a comment