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Mmmmm! Ok so I was thinking again about the kind of bike that… - Keeper of the Cages
Mmmmm! Ok so I was thinking again about the kind of bike that Sirius would have ridden and you know the bike they used in the film was all wrong. Sirius would have been riding a Harley Davidson that was big and was all black paint and shiny metal! Oh and leather seats with leather saddle bags at the back! So yes I have reason for my thoughts, not only from watching PS/SS someone on harry_potter voiced a question about it *toddles over to see who it was* *comes back* it was preci0uspunker. So yeah it's been bugging me for ages that they used such a small bike and I think that these bikes are definitely more Sirius! So here goes and also just to make it even more interesting here's a nummy thought to add when you look at the bikes! Sirius in Skin tight Black biker leathers with his longish black hair tied back in a low ponytail. Hmmmm! Nice thoughts ;)!

So here they are! I'm quite liking them! Maybe when I find my rich man he'll buy me one! I mean I can't have a whole garage of just cars now can I?! (lol!)

Red and shiny

definitely a Sirius' Bike candidate!

quite a strong candidate


Actually just go <"http://www.harley-davidson.com/PR/MOT/en/motorcycles.asp?bmLocale=en_GB">here</a> and have fun looking at such good pictures of bikes! :D!

THis is what occured whilsty I was trying to think of comment so therefore I think should go to sleep seeing as I'm falling asleep typing! "MMmm mummy food too!" (I have no idea what the thought was, so...!)

Night night! S xx
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