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Hey! I'm sitting here listening the best of MTV Unplugged and it's… - Keeper of the Cages
Hey! I'm sitting here listening the best of MTV Unplugged and it's good! All live and what noty!

What was I going to say? Hmmm I have no idea! lol! It must be the age thing then! Heee! 40days to my 21st! SQUEEEE! Though I have no idea what I'm going to do for it and people keep saying party and I'm like well yeah, but what where and how! Meh! I want to do something mad and exciting and memorable! Heee!

Oooh Mini Eggs! *huge grin!* my mum just walked in with them and said "do you want them?!" Well duh course I do! MMmmm!

I'm scared you know. I'm going on an archaeological dig next week for 3 weeks and I'm scared. I've never done it before and all these people are from Liverpool University and what if I do something completely dumb and break something and well just make it all go wrong?! Huh?! I mean hey I'm one of the clumsiest people I know, ok so I tell a lie I am the clumsiest! Oh yeah and I don't want to look too dumb infront of all those people from Liverpool Uni. ARGH! I'm panicing here aren't I?! Humm *breathes* Calm now I think. I shall just have to repeat to myself over and over again "I can do this, it will be fine, they know you've never done this before, it will be fun!" Yes see it works Lol!! ;)!

Rain again - can one never escape it?!

The tv is crap for tonight and so I'm going to mooch around and bug people! heee! maybe I should go to the video store and see what they've got?!

Oh and I have to get up real early tomorrow to wait for the broadband man and then I get 24x7 internet access! SQUEEEEEE! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! No more sulking 'til 6pm for me no sir I get to play on it all the time! :D! I'm going to go insane!

I was watching bits of TOTP2 whilst flicking channels before and I saw Bruce Willis perform "Under the Boardwalk" and it was rather good! Hmmm maybe should see him perform...Meh anyway one of the backing singers had the SQUEEE-est deep voice ever! *shivers!* It was so good! Hmmm must get hold of a copy of that track and see who it was!

Ok I have bored you all for a while now so I'm going to toddle off until later tonight when the connection will be free-er (not so many people on line here at like 2am! :D!)

toodles Love S xx

Current Mood: amused amused
Current Music: Bryan Adams - Summer of '69

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