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Hey! ok so I haven't fallen down my trench and been buried in it!… - Keeper of the Cages
Hey! ok so I haven't fallen down my trench and been buried in it! I've just been soooo tired and I haven't even checked my mail for 3 days (shock horror!)

So what have I been doing... Hmmm that's a very good question and the only way I can answer is to say Absolutely nothing!

So my days have been...

Wake at 6.45am, leave house 7.45am, get to dig 8.50am, dig from 9.15-10.30, break, dig 10.45-12.30, lunch, dig 1.30-3.00, break, dig 3.15-4.30, leave dig 4.50, get home 5.50, bath, dinner, sit down, fall asleep, wake up and go to bed. I mean Argh! all bad! but it's good!

But last night I went to the cinema with jigglyfrog and we saw "Old School" which was good! btu seeing as the showing was at 11.45pm we went to Pizza Hut to waste time (we got there at 9.50pm so.....!) Then I phoned Alan (hee I used his name again! *pulls tongue out at him!*) and was randomly burbling at him for a while! Kat was on the phone to Elissa and it got very confusing when I had to say Hi to her whilst talking to the boy! Very funny though!

Oh yeah just to go backwards I nearly had a car crash yesterday morning and it scared me really badly! I mean I was toodling along at like 45mph and this complete dumbarse of a man who was driving a BMW pulled out from this road at the crossroads (My way had right of way) and had to stop 'cos he was going across. Now it's just after a blindish bend and so he should have waited, but NO he couldn't do that. I had to slam on the breaks and they made a terrible noise and the back end of the car started to swerve. So the moral of the story is BMW + Man + Blind bend = STUPID DUMB ARSE! So yes I was very calm after that now wasn't I?! I mean hello it was Friday 13th yesterday. Mhmmmm!

Ok enough ranty I'm off to see if I can get a job somewhere for Saturdays so I'll love you and leave you! ::huggles::

S xx

P.S. 7 DAYS!!!!!! I think I may go to Borders anyway and buy a copy for my mummy! what do you think?! I wants it nowwwwwwwwww! (Impatient brat I know!)

Current Mood: awake awake
Current Music: ALEX!!!! ;)

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