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Pinched off diagonalist who snaffled it off hydaspes etc… - Keeper of the Cages
Pinched off diagonalist who snaffled it off hydaspes etc etc etc!!!

In your journal, post about something you have never read/never intend to read. It can be a pairing, a category (suicide fic/mpreg, etc) a particular fandom, and so on. Then everyone else makes recommendations for the very best of that particular kind of fic they can find, and you read it and see what happens. And don't cheat--this is for stuff you honestly don't see the appeal of, not something you have been intending to get into and just want recs for. It's an exercise in broadening horizons, in surprising yourself, and well, in skipping over the sometimes insurmountable barrier of actually finding good fic to get you into a type of story.

Um well I've never read Harry/Ron - they are rather brotherly and what not. Um oh and I generally steer away from Het - I have no idea why I think I was just introduced to the world of Slash and so ignored the rest! So um yeah Ron/Herm those two are about the only two I can see together. But anyway just send me recs of what ever and I'll make a valiant effort to read! Oh yeah and I have never read Voldie fics - I think that's the only thing I have a squick about oh and Dumbledore fics too, but that's about it!

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reposoir From: reposoir Date: June 15th, 2003 07:07 am (UTC) (Link)
Hem hem. *dusts self off*

You want to read:





for some Ron/Harry. Normally not something I'd read either, but I tried some and they're kinda cool.
jazzbandmusic From: jazzbandmusic Date: June 15th, 2003 04:12 pm (UTC) (Link)


Oooh! thank you! *toddles off to read!*
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