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Eeeee! 19 days to my birthday! Eeeee! 3 days 2 hours and 46 mins… - Keeper of the Cages
Eeeee! 19 days to my birthday!

Eeeee! 3 days 2 hours and 46 mins to OotP! I can't wait! So yes I was bad and I ordered another copy - this time from Borders, but my reasoning (whether you believe me or not - lol!) is that I am buying the second copy for my mum (I intend to read that from midnight until 8am when the posty man arrives with MY copy and I shall continue with that one!). Oh did you hear that a whole lorry load of OotP was stolen from Asda's book depot in Liverpool! The news person didn't seem to grasp the fact that there is a HUGE following of HP obsessives in the world and that's why they are getting extra vans and also non-descript white ones to deliver the books on Saturday morning - duh we don't want the poor posty men/women getting mobbed for their HP cargo!

*jumps up and down!* HP! OotP! - yes I'm insane! but I shall be calm when I have the book in my hands and I'm reading it lol! :D!

Dig update - still fun! though getting rather tired of the same area of the trench - there's just sooo much going on that there are three of us digging in close proximity and it's going to get complicated and I can just see the sides of features caving in all over the place - lol! only a few days left tho!

Right yes, before I fall asleep I'm going! night night XX S XX

P.S. I can't believe I didn't notice it was the full moon last saturday - what is wrong with me?!

Current Mood: hyper hyper

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reposoir From: reposoir Date: June 17th, 2003 05:33 pm (UTC) (Link)



Thanks for reminding me! *grins*
jazzbandmusic From: jazzbandmusic Date: June 18th, 2003 12:11 pm (UTC) (Link)


*prances too*

Welcome! :D!
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