Keeper of the Cages (jazzbandmusic) wrote,
Keeper of the Cages


Saw Charlie's Angels tonight!!! Very good all go watch!

Want fic in fact what lots of slashy smut! all good! :D! *puppy eyes* people should send smut as a birthday present - though no of my RL friends would because they don't under stand! meh! they need educating! :D! Though then again jigglyfrog BA (Hons) is one of my RL friends and she's writing at the moment so....maybe I'll get smut from her! Hmm wonder if it'll be Lucius/Severus or Harry/Draco, there is no way on this earth that I'd be lucky enough to get Harry/Snape or Harry/Lucius or Harry/Sirius or Harry/Remus off her nope she says that it's all wrong. But I have to wonder how can it be all wrong when it's so good?! *shrugs!*

Anway that's enough random from me today! also I have to go to bed 'cos work! *mutters about work and what not!*

See you all later! xx (this was pretty pointless as posts go wasn't it?! Lol!)
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