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Keeper of the Cages
Work and play all day long, nah just sleep!
Hello my loves!

Yes I'm at work again. I have no idea how the time at home disappears meaning that I have no chance to write a post, nor read everyone else's. *pouts* blooming annoying it is I tell you!

Anyway that's not the point the point is that it's tuesday and Kathryn's learning to be a drunk tonight and tomorrow night and so I'm going to try sleeping - I know shock horror and all that! Though I don't think that people are going to let me seeing as they are trying to organise bowling for tomorrow night! Could be fun esp. if Muggy and everyone goes! (poor Kat no outing for you, but hey you be earning girl so it's all goood!)

To Beth,

My dear you know me too well! Thank you soooo much for the tea and the chocolates and the tea pot and the coffee and the hot chocolate oh and the coffee beans too! I LOVE them! ::huggles:: Love S xx

To Lisa,

Sweety I LOVE the wand and the earings! *grins* I took the wand out with me to dinner on Sunday and, well you know me I was randomly playing with it! Very useful for bashing people on the head when they don't listen too! *evil grin!* I wore the earings too! Thank you! ::huggles:: Love S xx

To Laura,

My love thank you for the books - now I can be plan girl too! *grins!* So I shall have to plan a fab trip for you for when you visit us and also going to have great fun reading the Jilly Cooper novel! Haven't read her before, but my mum has and she says they're good and I've seen her on tv talking about her books. Always thought about reading them and never got round to it, so now I have no excuses! And chocolates - you do realise that it's evil, but sooo good! *giggles* I shall read "Pandora" and eat chocolates! ;) ::huggles:: Love S xx

To Kat (BA Hons!),

Darling you have no idea how much I love that hanging! It's still in the lounge on the light and it's going to stay there for a while! (Spud wont like that very much, but hey what can I say I love it and mummy said I could keep it there so *sticks out tongue at brother and blows raspberries!*. The party in a bag - sooo cool! haven't opened yet though! "Squeeeee" to the picture again 'cos it's brilliant and has everyone on it! So I guess I have no excuses for not remembering what people look like and walking straight past them! (lol! I don't mean to it's just I'm blind!) The note book is going to definitely be used, not that you may ever see it seeing as my 'things' are rather on the crappy treacle side of things! OH and travel journal "eeeeee!" can't wait to use it! :D! Thank you! ::huggles:: Love S xx

To Adam, Amie, Diane and Martin,

Thank you soooo much for the earings and the book token 'cos you know I've got a list as long as well longer than my hair full of books for me to buy and read *grins*! The earings are very cute! Shall be wearing them soon, once my ears decide that they want to behave and no longer annoy me! (stupid annoying things - you'd think that having had them done for nearly 7 years (OMG is that long *faints*!) they'd be fine, but oh no not my ears nope - they close up as soon as I take the current pair out and flipping annoying it is too! But I digress! sorry!) So yes thank you! ::huggles:: Love S xx

Do you know what I've just realised that the only person that is likely to see this and have an actual mention on here is Kat, though that depends on whether or not she checks her friends page at all - doubt it *shrugs*!

So yes to all LJ people thank you for your happy birthday wishes and what not ::huggles:: Love S xx

Finally I'm going to go away now, but before I do I have to say that I've fallen even deeper into the world of Snarry! oh dear SOS send me a rope! but then again *evil grin* why fight it?! it's just so good! ::bounces::

Going now I've been random!


S xx

Oh yeah and listening to Avril full blast at 8.20am is very very good! though people you drive past look at you funny! lol! *sticks tongue those who frown!* Bye bye! xx

P.P.S. GOOD LUCK ELIZABETH WITH YOUR DRIVING TEST *waits to bash the examiner if he doesn't pass you!* ;) xx

Current Mood: apathetic apathetic
Current Music: Complicated - Avril - In my head-no music allowed in work :(

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